Half Marathon

13.1 miles

WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?? I know what I was thinking. I was thinking I’m going to look just like the girls in the Nike commercials and ads with the perfect thighs, and awesome looking calves. And I’m going to come through the finish line looking amazing and my hair will not be a frizzy mess and the pictures will look better than ever. uh, WRONG. 

My calfs are killing me, my thighs have never felt like this before (which is obviously a sign of some sort) and I’ve come to realize I will NEVER, EVER, EVER (getting back together HA  just kidding…a real taylor swift fan would laugh) look good running. Ever. 

One thing that’s keeping me to this training schedule; is the group of friends I have pushing me. We are all at different levels, however we all have one common goal: TO FINISH THE SURF CITY HALF MARATHON ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. Yeah, super bowl sunday, I’m going to be done with my half marathon before the stay at home dad’s get up to watch the football game.

This is just the beginning. I’m tired and sore. But I feel great, I have a great group of friends training with me, and I’m going to finish this half marathon. It’s completely out of character for me to do this. My whole family knows I hate running (I’ve really never been a runner, I used to fake asthma in elementary school so I never had to run around the basketball courts…fo’ real). Even though I played basketball throughout high school and we ran  ALOT, it was always for short periods of time and I was usually chasing a ball (insert dog joke). But I feel like this is a good change in my life right now, something positive to work for. Something that at the end can say “Yeah. I just did that.” I can paddle 13.1 miles no problem, but let’s just see how this “running thing” goes.

My own personal goal: To finish this half marathon in February and want to run another one.