As I think about the past year as 2012 ends, I think about the big events in my life. I think about the hard times that made me stronger, and the tough times that made me smarter. I reminisce on the happy times that made me happier, and the good times that made me greater. 

 Spending New Years Last Year ❤
IMG_2813Moving My Sister to Hawaii With The Family
IMG_5443Placing Third in the Kona Race With The Girls
Showing Bruce The Magical World of San Luis Obispo For The First Time
Getting a New Dog, Truck and Place in the Same Week
IMG_7558Conquering Giants
And Supporting Bruce through a tough transition, and thanks to everyone who helped along the way!IMG_6373
There are SO MANY more memories in 2012 that I can’t even begin to list. These are just a few. I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.
New Year Resolution’s should be something you make on your own, not a resolution that you’re friends are doing. Do it for your self.
Don’t ask for a easier 2013, ask for a stronger self.