The Half Marathon is TWO WEEKS AWAY

Even though I haven’t been training as MUCH as I should be, I’ve been running a lot more than I ever have. I think that is an accomplishment on its own. I never saw myself as a runner (and everyone who knows will agree) but I’ve found myself enjoying this new activity. It’s easy. I can do it anytime. I don’t need somebody with me. I don’t need equipment, I can just go! Run, walk, job, skip: ANYTHING!

Believe me sister, I know this half marathon will hurt. I’m sure my thunder-thighs will feel it for a week! But I will know what to expect for my next one! And how to train for it! Or keep training for it…

I think finishing this half marathon will honestly change something in me. I’ll stay determined, and focused on something. I think everyone should find something that PUSHES them and MAKES them do something unexpected. Whether it’s run a marathon, a half marathon, paddle Catalina channel on a stand up, finish school or even pursue a long lost dream of something you’ve always wanted to do. Make 2013 YOUR year to accomplish something. Accomplish something that challenges you, and makes you a stronger person inside and out.