I’ve been practicing yoga one-two times a week for the past year now. I go to Ra Yoga Studio, and I LOVE IT. I love the feeling of leaving work and paddling and going to something different. Something that I’m not in charge of and I can just let go and flow with my thoughts. I feel better about myself afterwards, I feel like I’ve sweat out my whole body weight in sweat and I left it on my matt. I left all my problems on the matt. I get to the room with the green walls and bamboo floor, and for those 60 minutes I let go of the stresses at home, the stresses at work and the stresses I have with my self.
In those 60 minutes, its really “Kelly Time”. I’m learning with the girls next to me as we all flow together. I love the teachers at the studio, they REALLY make you feel welcome, and believe me I was NERVOUS at my first class. I mean HELLO, It’s something new. Something I hadn’t done before. But soon after I fell in love with it!