IMG_1702I’m finally taking the time to SIT DOWN and actually concentrate on this blog. Life has just been so busy lately. It’s nice to sit down and have time for myself…even though my time to myself is me sitting between the boyfriend and his brother on our two person couch while they watch some show I’m not so interested in on the History Channel (talk about a run on sentence).


The past two weekends have been spent both on Catalina. I escorted the girls NAC Jr Outrigger team across the Catalina Channel on an very nice Sunday morning. Took about 5.5 hours and the girls felt every minute of it!! I’ve raced this race many times and it was nice to be on the other side of the spectrum…DRIVING the motor boat instead of paddling the canoe! I’m SUPER proud of these young teenagers for going out and taking on such a challenge as paddling from Catalina to Dana Point. A full 37 miles. It really is something to be proud about. As a coach, I was very impressed by the girls dedication and hard work.

This past weekend was a weekend for the books! How often do I get to go to Catalina for a full weekend with Bruce and the best friends, AND NOT HAVE TO PADDLE RIGHT AWAY. Relaxing on the beach? I’ll tell you all about it. Exploring the parts of the island we never have time to go to, definitely worth the arguing over who is going to drive the golf cart. It made getting up a o’dark thirty friday morning to make it over to drive boats over to the island before nine definitely worth it.IMG_1712

We did end up paddling back to Newport, we had the team come over on the flyer on Sunday morning; then turn around a paddle back. The paddle was rough, the weather was cold; but the spirits were still high! Well at least, us girls were:) The boys may have been a little more competitive!

I am really grateful that I was given the time away from work and paddling to have time to spend with the people I love spending it with. Taking each day, one day at a time and getting up in the morning just to have another adventure. IMG_1705


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