I’ve combined these two; I’m trying to catch up anyway! So I’m probably being brief but hold on here we go- lets get crazy!


Week 2

List Of My Greatest Comforts

1. Teen Mom- watching this trash tv show on MTV every monday night really comforts me. I know that doesn’t matter what happens in life I will NEVER have to go through what those girls did- as I will never be a teenager. More power to ya mom!

2. In all seriousness- I find comfort in the rain. It reminds me that not everyday or everything can be perfect. Raining is the sky showing emotion- and everyone should show emotion.

3. As corny as it sounds, I find comfort in  my boyfriend and puppy either having them at home with me at night. Knowing we made it through another work day, we have a roof over our head and I’m sure we had something to eat for dinner! Whether it was healthy…I’m not too sure. Or even just road trip in to races together! I just like the idea of sharing adventures with them.


4. Singing in the shower. I have the greatest voice when I’m in the shower. And I find comfort in the fact that no one else can hear me.

Week 3

List of Things You Should Be Proud Of

1. I’m proud of being 23, having a great full time paying job that makes me happy and being able to support myself for the past 4 years. I worked for what I have, I take pride in the place I live and I take care of the things I own. You take care of the job and the job will take care of you.

2. I’m proud that I can tie a bowline on the fly; and can make boats dance (quote BW ha). I can jump start my own car and I can navigate my own boat.


3. I’m proud of my ability to take care of people. I always want people to be happy and I will go out of my way to make them happy.

4. I haven’t gone crazy yet.

5. I’ve jumped off the most southern point of the United States; and landed in the ever refreshing pacific ocean.

That’s it for now!