Summer GoalsIMG_3259

As I continue my ever so patchy 52 Lists Projects, I come across week 20! I thought it was very proper to post my Summer Goals on tonight: The Summer Solstice! The days only get shorter from here! But for the next 90 days…I’ll live it like my last and have fun doing it! Here are my fun, quirky, serious, determined, and positive life summer goals!

~Save More Money Than I Spend~

(I can try right??)

~Run 100 miles~

(90 days to run 100 miles)


~Read More~

~Write More~

~Loose 25 pounds~

(You know it)

~Make my Family proud~

~Accomplish New Races~

~Get A Passport~


~Get Organized~


(Tryin to loose 25 pounds remember?)

~Stress Less~

~More Prone Paddling~

~Sell My Car~

~Do 5 Pullups~


~Convince Bruce I’m A Good Singer~

(Shouldn’t take much)


~Start Writing A Book~

~Get My Hair Cut~

~Don’t Be Afraid~

~Keep Dreamin~






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