So I originally wrote this post as a guest blog on my good friend Maddie Dierkes’s blog. She runs an awesome craft, jewelry and really creative blog over at and I suggest everyone check it out!

I am a HUGE fan of Ocean Inspire Jewelry, well really ocean inspired anything. I try to keep my blog related to the ocean life somehow, because that is my lifestyle. It is a big part of my life, and a big part of what I LOVE to write about! It just so happens that ocean inspired jewelry is one of my favorite things to discover!

One of the easiest ways to find jewelry with elements of the sea and ocean involved is ETSY. Etsy has a HUGE database of handmade good and jewelry that can be easily found by just searching for what you want!

A fun way however is to search INSTAGRAM. I personally post on my instagram (@KelThompson) everything I buy thats ocean inspired to support the small business I buy from! They women (I say women because it usually is) work day in and out to provide their social media followers with jewelry they think they will enjoy. Now one day, go and search #SeaGlassEarring, #ShellBangle, #TahitianPearl! This is what I found:

Mermaid Jewelry HI

Name: Sancel

Instagram: @MermaidTreasureHI



I love her rings and shell bangles, I never take them off! The work she does with silver is amazing, and everything is reasonablly priced! I buy three a time!!


A lot of the times jewlery you like you find at music festivals or even outrigger races. That’s how I met McKenzie of MCKMetal! And I absolutely LOVE her earrings!


Instagram: @MCKMetal



You could eaisly say I’m obsessed with her earring collection, and I love supporting small businesses!

Another way to find great jewlery is to just look towards your friends! Sometimes they’ll surpise you! My best friend on Oahu just started making jelwery a couple years ago and I’m her #1 fan! Her jewlery is simple and beautiful! It goes with everything!

BoMo Designs


65287_10200497282984329_1632594645_n[1] 431651_4699157206631_820362270_n[1]100MEDIA$IMAG1572

I most defiently wear a piece of BoMo Designs with almost every outting I have to get dressed up for! She’s currently working on getting a website up and running for just her jewlery! So stay tuned on Bobbie Poppler!

As a bigger company, Bettys Belts has made quite a name for themselves as one of the larger ocean inspried jelwery business! Don’t forget to check them out! She does wonderful work with left over surf resign as well!

Bettys Belts

Instagram: @BettysBelts


I love ocean inspired ANYTHING! Jewlery is just one of my favorite things! You can check out my blog

or instagram


or twitter


as I move forward in my adventures to find the newest ocean inspired gems!

But for now, check out the people I mentioned above because they won’t disapoint you!These were all brief descriptions as I could go on for hours on each indvidual business! Just explore your social medias, etsy stores and local events to find the hidden treasures you may have passed over before!