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What I Learned in 2013

DCIM127GOPROAs the year comes to an end, I’ve looked back at it and thought about everything I’ve learned from the last 365 days.

-Pug Lyfe is real life

– Running ain’t Easy – half marathon #1 showed me that, and I always keep that in the back of my mind as I’m training for the next half marathon.

– Dreams and Ideas can come true with a little hard work – PIlialoha Designs is a great example of that and I can’t wait to see how 2014 pans out for us!

– Always be ready for a lifestyle change – 2013 threw me for a loop with a last minute move.

– Thank you notes matter – see last blog post

Kamanu Composites REALLY REALLY care about their clients – being a California Rep for them as taught me a sale isn’t done until the costumer is happy…no matter how many times they change their mind on colors

– Midori Sours – they’re magic.

– And you can get free midori sours even when you’re playing the penny slots – vegas was a trip

– Being self dependent is one of the greatest feelings in the world – knowing that you aren’t depending on anyone to make decisions for you and you’re capable of paying and supporting yourself.

– Taking pictures never gets old – same selfie different place

– There is a lot of satisfaction with meeting and surpassing the goals that you set – this was a big thing for me in 2013. Sitting down and writing out goals, then pushing myself to meet them whether they were personal, work related or athletic goals.

– Christmas Flys by a lot faster when you’re older – this also sucks.

– You can’t make everyone happy – but you can make yourself happy and that can infect others

– Chardonnay isn’t as bad as I thought – thanks Malia

– Don’t hesitate – if you want something go for it

– Don’t plan your day (or night) around people

– Twerking – the new drop it like its hot

– Last minute trips are the best trips – as much as my bank account hates them

 – Instagram is a marketing tool – ie @PilialohaDesigns , @NewportAquaticCenter

– GoPro has changed the way of my picture taking

– SnapChat is just as good as a text – and I usually respond faster

– Don’t believe everything you hear

– Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – as cliche as if sounds, I really learned to live by this , this past year

– Plane tickets do not drop in prices the longer you wait – $900 tickets to Kona for a race, that also sucks

– People move – try to stay in touch as best you can

– It’s okay to stay home and read – I have a great list of books I can share

– Karma is real – what comes around goes around whether it’s good or bad  karma 

– Mermaids are also real

– Be selfish with time, it’s yours and eventually it runs out.

What have you learned? I want to encourage everyone to share something they’ve learned in 2013 whether it be on their own personal blog, instagram or Facebook. Tag #ThingsILearned2013 , so we can all share together!

Cabin Fever

Lake Side Cruisin!

IMG_2860This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend a weekend from my normal and hectic life; and spend a weekend locked up in my families cabin in Twin Peaks! About ten minutes away from Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory!

Scaling Creeks with My Boys

We had a great time hiking and exploring the mountain.

IMG_2893I love adventures and exploring new paths. I think getting out of your everyday life and emerging yourself in a completely different setting does the mind a piece of good! Being able to let go of your everyday chores and just be free of any burdens you have keeping you down everyday!

Yes ofcourse- we found time to do some light paddling on the lake. Even took the Biggz out! IMG_2934OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All in all it was a great weekend.

Cheers to hoping that this weekend is as fun as the last!



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11 Reasons Why My Pug Is Auh-May-Zing

Everyone thinks that they’re dog is THE BEST, and THE CUTEST and THE COOLEST.


I have 11 strong reasons why MY PUG is super cool.

11. He’s ready to travel, anytime, anywhere. 

Package Biggie

10. Biggie is a cuddler, always has and always will be.

9. He’s always up for an adventure, well Bruce and Biggie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Biggie always pays attention to detail.


7. He loves to share.

581609_4565575211246_1795145711_n6. Biggie is a GREAT watch dog.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. He isn’t afraid to get a lil dirtyIMG_8950

4. Biggie can hang with the big dogsIMG_7793

3. He KNOWS when he’s been caught


2. Biggie can be ready to take a picture at any moment





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