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Lets GO – Chico

In the world of Birkenstocks and North Face jackets, I stood in my vans and RipCurl sweater. With Bruce – who was concentrated on where he could find the nearest Goodwill and look for some carhartt pants. We went up North as a Thompson img_0845Family + Bruce to cheer for the Chico State Volleyball team and celebrate Torey’s Senior Night. Back into the world of a small college town, I liked being able to park the car and walk around. We had lunch at what my sister Katey called a “Chico establishment”: Madison Bear Garden. Where we had our first round of Sierra Nevada, as Chico is the brewery’s hometown.




Can I back it up?


Let’s talk about Southwest airlines. WHERE I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULDN’T PRE ASSIGN YOUR SEATS. Thank goodness for Kasey whose ten foot long legs saved an entire row for Bruce and I.

Okay back to 50 degree weather and leaves falling from the sky: Chico was CHILLY. Not that we were expecting a heat wave, but it was nice to get away and wear sweaters and socks again.  Kasey and I stepped out of the airport, and immediately almost backed right back inside. The wind chill wall that hit you when you walked out was a 20 degree difference than what was in the airport…or in Newport.

There were no restaurant chains in the small town, seemed like most everything was family or small business owned. I love farmers markets, and the Chico Farmers market on Saturday mornings had some of the most produce I have ever seen at any farmers market. It was awesome being in an area where there actually are seasons. The leaves were on the ground, and falling as we were walking around. You HAD to wear a jacket outside at night or you would freeze you booty.

It was fun having the entire family all together, but I think if it was longer than a weekend – a few more arguments would have broken out. We kind of perfected the mean mug also this trip.


I kinda of compare Kasey and Bruce’s friendship/relationship to that of Khloe and Scott. They’re more brother and sister than friends, and they’ll play tricks on each other, but then also team up against the rest of the tribe together. Especially, back to sharing a hotel room with them – the sassiness never stops.

Even though the weekend was centered around volleyball – it was also centered around having fun. With exploring the a new area, making jokes about one another, and playing games in the hotel room.

or shopping at the local Chico Wildcat apparel store – which by the way has Ugly Christmas Sweaters with the Chico logo on them. Epic.


We also took a Christmas picture. So that was chill. img_0858

52 Lists Project- I gotta catch up!

two posts one night??? THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED!! 


But I REALLY like the idea of the 52 weeks lists!

Except now I gotta catch up cause I’m 15 weeks late! 

Here’s the first list:

Week 1- Words that touch your soul

I have honestly never thought of ANY words that touch my soul. I had to sit for a minute, take a drink of my wine and actually THINK about what WORDS make me happy. 












Those are just a few words that can really put a smile to my face. I feel like I could go on and on about the words I like. As a blogger I try to use different words that mean different things – and spice up my vocabulary a little bit! However, it’s just fun to go back and think about the words you like. 


More 52 lists to come…HOPEFULLY TOMORROW! So I apologize in advance for the blog OVERLOAD 🙂


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Blogs on Blogs on Blogs

There are SO many different blogs out there…all about different things.

Blogs about cooking.

Blogs about running.

Even blogs STRICTLY on underwater basket weaving.

I write blogs because I’m convinced people love reading what I have to write. I think I do some pretty interesting things in my life – and basically I want other people to think so too. I love writing about my adventures and stories and telling people how my freakin weekend went!

But other than writing blogs – I read them. I enjoy them. I like reading what other people think, or what other people did with their Tuesday night. Maybe I’m just nosey? Or too concerned with others peoples business? But I think there are people out there too that like blogging as much as I do! Or just like to write about their personal life and think they do cool things as well.

I’m sure some of you bloggers have heard of the 52 LISTS PROJECT. My good friend (and former roommate) has been doing this project all year. Their is a different list each week and it prompts you to write different things. It brings people of all bloggin type into one category to write about! I think it’s awesome and may take it up even though I’m late in the game! Check her out at – she also makes fantastic jewlery with a portion of her profit going to different charities depending on the jewelry.

I have another friend who uses her blog for mostly updates on her races! She posts her results, summaries on the race and pictures! It’s kinda like an online personal journal! You can check her out at

My best friend lives in Hawaii- BOBBIE POPPLER! She has an awesome blog in her hands, and she’s just starting to post more! She’s someone you want to follow. She JUST graduated yesterday from University of Hawaii as a journalism major. She post everything from personal notes to modern day hawaiian culture. has great reads! And I can’t wait to read more of what she comes up with! Remember her name- it’ll be big one day.

Those are just 3 examples of different blogs people can get into. Bottom line is though, every blog has something personal put into it. Someone is behind the keyboard spending time and effort into making their post mean something to them. Every blogger puts a little piece of themselves into their posts and waits for peoples reactions. They hope their readers like it and that they come back to read more.

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