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The next 48 hours…

It’s a Friday night. 


What are you going to do tomorrow? Or the next day?

You need to get the most out of your weekend.

Odds are you already spend the week day working

or training

then coming home and sleeping. 

I’ve got ten easy suggestions to help you get the most out of your weekend, and not spending it on an alcohol binge or checking into pillow paradise and not checking out until Monday morning!

1. Everyone likes to sleep in! However, instead of sleeping in till 11am on both Saturday and Sunday; just pick one. Pick whichever day you want to sleep in as LONG as you want. What ever day you don’t pick, try to wake up at a normal breakfast time! Start your day with a nice cup of coffee and get this show on the road!

2. Do something early. On the day your NOT too busy sleeping, take the dog for a walk on the beach! Or ride your bike to a morning cuppa! Read a book on your lanai or make breakfast for the fambam!

3. Go out for a night! Pick a night to get the band back together and go out to dinner, or drinks…or both! Hit up the movie theater or local dive bar! 

4. The night you aren’t going out however, cook a home cooked meal. It’s Sunday, if you aren’t working you have plenty of time to go to the grocery store and pick out special items for a new recipe! Share it with friends! Or cook a romantic meal for a special someone.

5. DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF! If you’re like me you spend a great deal of time thinking about your roommates, friends or boyfriends and making sure they’re happy at all times. But right now-its “ME TIME”. If you’re also anything like you, you can’t afford to go get a nice pedicure-so pick a crazy color and do it yourself!

6. Try something new! Want to learn to knit? Youtube that ish. Want to learn to canoe or kayak? Check out the Newport Aquatic Center,, down in Newport Beach, CA! Or go take a yoga class at your local yoga studio!

7. Clean out your closet! Any girl will admit that they could always use a few hours to clean out their closet! Any boyfriend will agree.

8. Get out into Nature. If you can’t be near the ocean to take a swim or stand up paddle; go out into the world and find a hike! Make an adventure out of it! And of course take many, many, pictures!

9. Plan a date night at home. Even if you aren’t “dating” anyone right now- PICK YOUR BEST FRIEND! Watch movies, drink wine and just relax- you have nowhere to be!

10. Go to the park. When’s the last time you went TO A PARK! For real. Take a towel. Take a book. Take a camera! Spend a half hour outdoors at a park, just listening. You’ll be amazed at what you hear.

Now I understand that not everyone has time to do all TEN of these suggestions. Just pick two or three of your favorites and go from there! Don’t spend your weekend eating hot cheetos and watching Teen Mom re-runs! 

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52 Lists- Week 2 & 3

I’ve combined these two; I’m trying to catch up anyway! So I’m probably being brief but hold on here we go- lets get crazy!


Week 2

List Of My Greatest Comforts

1. Teen Mom- watching this trash tv show on MTV every monday night really comforts me. I know that doesn’t matter what happens in life I will NEVER have to go through what those girls did- as I will never be a teenager. More power to ya mom!

2. In all seriousness- I find comfort in the rain. It reminds me that not everyday or everything can be perfect. Raining is the sky showing emotion- and everyone should show emotion.

3. As corny as it sounds, I find comfort in  my boyfriend and puppy either having them at home with me at night. Knowing we made it through another work day, we have a roof over our head and I’m sure we had something to eat for dinner! Whether it was healthy…I’m not too sure. Or even just road trip in to races together! I just like the idea of sharing adventures with them.


4. Singing in the shower. I have the greatest voice when I’m in the shower. And I find comfort in the fact that no one else can hear me.

Week 3

List of Things You Should Be Proud Of

1. I’m proud of being 23, having a great full time paying job that makes me happy and being able to support myself for the past 4 years. I worked for what I have, I take pride in the place I live and I take care of the things I own. You take care of the job and the job will take care of you.

2. I’m proud that I can tie a bowline on the fly; and can make boats dance (quote BW ha). I can jump start my own car and I can navigate my own boat.


3. I’m proud of my ability to take care of people. I always want people to be happy and I will go out of my way to make them happy.

4. I haven’t gone crazy yet.

5. I’ve jumped off the most southern point of the United States; and landed in the ever refreshing pacific ocean.

That’s it for now!

Catalina Crusades

IMG_1702I’m finally taking the time to SIT DOWN and actually concentrate on this blog. Life has just been so busy lately. It’s nice to sit down and have time for myself…even though my time to myself is me sitting between the boyfriend and his brother on our two person couch while they watch some show I’m not so interested in on the History Channel (talk about a run on sentence).


The past two weekends have been spent both on Catalina. I escorted the girls NAC Jr Outrigger team across the Catalina Channel on an very nice Sunday morning. Took about 5.5 hours and the girls felt every minute of it!! I’ve raced this race many times and it was nice to be on the other side of the spectrum…DRIVING the motor boat instead of paddling the canoe! I’m SUPER proud of these young teenagers for going out and taking on such a challenge as paddling from Catalina to Dana Point. A full 37 miles. It really is something to be proud about. As a coach, I was very impressed by the girls dedication and hard work.

This past weekend was a weekend for the books! How often do I get to go to Catalina for a full weekend with Bruce and the best friends, AND NOT HAVE TO PADDLE RIGHT AWAY. Relaxing on the beach? I’ll tell you all about it. Exploring the parts of the island we never have time to go to, definitely worth the arguing over who is going to drive the golf cart. It made getting up a o’dark thirty friday morning to make it over to drive boats over to the island before nine definitely worth it.IMG_1712

We did end up paddling back to Newport, we had the team come over on the flyer on Sunday morning; then turn around a paddle back. The paddle was rough, the weather was cold; but the spirits were still high! Well at least, us girls were:) The boys may have been a little more competitive!

I am really grateful that I was given the time away from work and paddling to have time to spend with the people I love spending it with. Taking each day, one day at a time and getting up in the morning just to have another adventure. IMG_1705


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