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“What did you do this weekend?” “Oh, I ran a half marathon”

Does anyone know how long I’ve been wanting to throw that at someone?! The day finally came! I COMPLETED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!

I’ve done some (in my opinion) very cool things in my life, that makes my life resume look good. But I got to the start of the race of the Huntington Beach Surf City half marathon this past weekend and thought “I really had no problem paddling into 13 foot waves last September, why am I about to pee my pants at the start of a 13 mile race???”

It was something new to me, I had no idea how it was going to turn out. The whole “I paddled for 8 hours I can run for 3” mindset was not setting in. Throughout the whole race for as far as I could see were PEOPLE. Thousands and thousands of PEOPLE. Sprinting, walking, jogging, running. Tall people, short people, thin people, fabulously curvaceous people. EVERYONE was doing this. And everyone was doing it at different speeds and rates. The hills were a killer! The heat just added to my misery, and the hard pavement didn’t help at all. But to say “I’m a half marathon runner” after the race, was something to be proud of. photo-2

It took me just over 3 hours for my first runway half marathon. My time could have been affected by me taking pictures at mile markers and texting to the group of girls I was running with. I trained with 5 other girls for the last few months to meet this goal. I definitely couldn’t have done it without them! I’m not a runner, and they pushed me to be better runner I am today, than I was a year ago. 

I finished my race with a big smile! Grabbed my foil jacket, medal and snack packs they were handing out! The thought “i could do this again” never crossed my mind. What did come to mind though was I can do better. 

photo-1Next on the list: San Diego Wild Animal Park Half Marathon in May

I think ill have more pics on instagram during the race than the actual mileage on that one…


Two Weeks Away


The Half Marathon is TWO WEEKS AWAY

Even though I haven’t been training as MUCH as I should be, I’ve been running a lot more than I ever have. I think that is an accomplishment on its own. I never saw myself as a runner (and everyone who knows will agree) but I’ve found myself enjoying this new activity. It’s easy. I can do it anytime. I don’t need somebody with me. I don’t need equipment, I can just go! Run, walk, job, skip: ANYTHING!

Believe me sister, I know this half marathon will hurt. I’m sure my thunder-thighs will feel it for a week! But I will know what to expect for my next one! And how to train for it! Or keep training for it…

I think finishing this half marathon will honestly change something in me. I’ll stay determined, and focused on something. I think everyone should find something that PUSHES them and MAKES them do something unexpected. Whether it’s run a marathon, a half marathon, paddle Catalina channel on a stand up, finish school or even pursue a long lost dream of something you’ve always wanted to do. Make 2013 YOUR year to accomplish something. Accomplish something that challenges you, and makes you a stronger person inside and out.

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