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30 Days of Gratitude

Holy Shmokes. It’s November. Already. Hot damn.

What are you thankful for?

Are you thankful?

You thankful?


Thirty days of November, and usually the theme of the month is “thankfulness” because Thanksgiving also falls in this month. I’ve seen a lot of pictures or posts on Pinterest and Facebook for a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. You know, what family member are you greatful for today? What teacher are you most greatful for? When I know I could write about my sister Kasey and my 4th grade teacher – I decided to make my own. Mainly because I wanted to bring attention to the little things that sometimes we glance over or take for granted.

Feel free to join, or just glance over. You don’t have to blog about it ( i won’t be blogging every day, but a tweet here or there), post about it, talk about it. Just once a day, think of one small thing. Some may be silly, some may be stupid (like really..what SOUND am I grateful for?) but some may just get you thinking.

1. What smell are you most grateful for?

2. What plant are you most grateful for?

3. What small thing that you use daily are you thankful for?

4. What piece of technology are you grateful for?

5. What book are you most grateful for?

6. What work related activty are you grateful for? (ya know, if possible)

7. What comfort food are you most thankful for?

8. What day of the week are you grateful for?

9. What shoes are you thankful for?

10. What song are you grateful for right now?

11. What sound are you grateful for?

12. What fruit are you thankful for?

13. What drink are you thankful for?

14. What outside activity are you grateful for?

15. What movie are you thankful for?

16. What about your body are you thankful for?

17. What moment this week are you thankful for?

18.Who in your house are you thankful for?

19. What makes you happy that you are grateful for?

20. What phone call are you thankful for?

21. What piece of clothing are you grateful for?

22. What item in your bedroom are you grateful for?

23. What place in your house are you most thankful for?

24. What time of the day are you grateful for?

25. What shortcut are you thankful for?

26. What item in your office are you thankful for?

27. What snack are you thankful for?

28. What shirt are you thankful for?

29. What item in your kitchen are you grateful for?

30. What are you thankful for?


So starting with #1. 

What smell are you most grateful for?

DoTerra Deep Blue. Tuesdays are rough, two tough work outs of spin class and circuit training (then to throw on top of that the rigorous taco tuesday eating). So I use my deep blue rub on my arms, legs, abs (ha ya okay…”abs”) to help with the soreness. It works and it smells nice too!

List #10

This is list # 10. Out of 52 lists. From my journal of The 52 Lists Project, it’s a killer interactive book and journal that get’s you thinking about yourself. From the first week of your year, to the 52nd week.

And in natural Kelly fashion – I’m not going in order. I’m doing list #10 right now, because this is the list I need to complete at this moment in my life, in my week, in my day.


  • Anyone else’s Body Language – I read too much into it. Oh, they sighed loudly – they must be frustrated and stress and want me to know. I’ve learned to hate “sighing” because I don’t know what people mean when they sigh. What do I do? I asked someone a questions, shoulders shrugged – they must not care? or do they? You smiled when I asked you something – are you just trying got get me to stop asking questions? I know Dave does this 😉
  • Reactions – I spend more time thinking about the reaction to any of my actions instead of just going for it. I think too much about what other people will think instead of concentrating on myself.
  • Time – Ignore time. Time lost. Time needed. Time past. Time until.
  • Concerns and feelings of people who are in no way shape or form involved, impacted or invested in or by my life. Strangers. I care about strangers.
  • Emails – after 6pm? I can get to them tomorrow…right? Maybe I’ll just take a peek…

It’s a short list. There is probably more. But after reading through…maybe these aren’t bad things…maybe I shouldn’t ignore them…



5 Lovely Things

5 Lovely Things

It’s been almost a month since my last post, life has just sped by and I’ve been trying to keep up! But my close friend Maddie tagged me in her blog post last week. So I HAD to take the time to have fun with this! I have five lovely things you may not know about me. (I won’t mention Biggie, because you ALL know I have a pug<3)

This was a little difficult; to find 5 things that I think most people wouldn’t know. I usually so open and most people know so much about me already and I don’t want to get too personal yet! Everyone knows I love paddling. I love the ocean, diving for shells, dancing and obviously blogging…but here’s a few things maybe you didn’t know?

1. I LOVE dressing up and looking nice. I rarely get the chance to, but when I do I love it! Actually taking the time to DO SOMETHING with my hair, instead of the messy bun in a trucker hat. Throwing on a dress instead of a t-shirt and cut off shorts! Even putting on mascara instead of throwing on a pair of sunglasses.


2. I love reading. I love reading romance novels, crime novels and books that have a movie made after them! Those are actually my favorites. I love being able to read a book and watch the movie after. My favorite books include One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, The Help, Home Is Where The Heart Is, and White Girl Problems. I love sharing books! Come on! Ask me for a book recommendation, I dare ya 😉

3. I have a strange obsession with hats. HATS HATS HATS. Mainly beanies and trucker hats. Whether I’m at work, paddling, running, or hanging out I always feel comfortable in a hat. Frontwards, backwards-girls please, I rock my hats to the side VERY OFTEN! I very often paint my hats. I’ll buy 50 blank hats and just go to town with different designs! All mostly


because of a race of some sort. I love painting hats for and event or race, it give me something to remember it by. The fact that other people like wearing my hats also, makes me SO HAPPY. Beanies plainly keep my hair under control. It keeps my ears warm, and looks good too! I currently have upwards of 75 hats and beanies strung around the room…either snapped back onto a paddle…and even currently a crutch. (Thank goodness Bruce doesn’t need them anymore!)528756_4184477244035_680302925_n 535103_3326821523178_2115590300_n 541617_3841871639109_1954936886_n

4. I can’t fold clothes. Literaly, not possible. I will take clothes to the washer and dryer ALL DAY! Ask me to fold something that isn’t a towel or a blanket… I’m just a hot mess. I understand that I’ll probably never make it as a stay at home mom. It’s a problem I’ve come to terms with. Just sayin’

5.  I LOVE JUICE. I would choose juice over soda. Juice with every meal. Call me a 5 year old, but when you put that grape juice in front of me I’ll beat anyone toddler to it. Juice box at a bbq? Yes please. Juice for a midnight drink? Duh. Like there’s anything else in my fridge. I think thats why my favorite wine is moscato…

NOW time to tag people! Problem is…the girls I’m tagging don’t have a blog. Maybe this will help them jump start one? I think they could all have funny and interesting stories in life to write about. Lets see what happens! I tag my sisters Tristen and Kasey, three of my closest friends Malia, Bobbie and Cora!

Let’s see what happens…thanks for reading!


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