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Week 9 & 19…like i said PLAYING CATCH UP!

The week 9 list was “Place You Want To Go”. I feel like I’ve been to a lot of places, then I realize I’ve been out of the country only once. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece for some reason. It just seems so BRIGHT and BLUE  all the time.  It looks like a country you could have  A LOT of adventures in. Here is a small list of places I would like to go…since the real list is on my bedroom wall marked on a map!

Places I would Like To Go

1. Greece

2. Tahiti

3. Costa Rica

4. Guam

5. Queensland, Australia

Week 19 (the most current week list) was a totally different type of list. This list was more personal and took more in-depth thinking. I already knew all the places I wanted to visit! Week 19 was a list of WHAT YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR.

I want to be known for my strength. Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I want to be known for my writing. I want people to read and know what I have to say.

I want to be known for my last name Thompson. Remember it. It’ll be big one day.

I want to be known as the paddler that kept paddling.

I want to be known as the girl with the cutest pug ever.

I want to known as the coach that changed kids lives for the better.

I want to be known as the girl that solves problems.

I want to be known as the girl that people can come to and just talk to.

I want to be known as the girls with great hair.

I want to be known as Kel Thompson.


11 Reasons Why My Pug Is Auh-May-Zing

Everyone thinks that they’re dog is THE BEST, and THE CUTEST and THE COOLEST.


I have 11 strong reasons why MY PUG is super cool.

11. He’s ready to travel, anytime, anywhere. 

Package Biggie

10. Biggie is a cuddler, always has and always will be.

9. He’s always up for an adventure, well Bruce and Biggie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8. Biggie always pays attention to detail.


7. He loves to share.

581609_4565575211246_1795145711_n6. Biggie is a GREAT watch dog.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. He isn’t afraid to get a lil dirtyIMG_8950

4. Biggie can hang with the big dogsIMG_7793

3. He KNOWS when he’s been caught


2. Biggie can be ready to take a picture at any moment





Campin California!

It was so awesome to spend the weekend away from Newport, away from work, away from the teenagers I coach (no offense guys) and just escape to the mountains, and then the beach, with Bruce and Biggie. We packed up the truck on Friday afternoon and headed out for our weekend adventure!IMG_8883ROSE VALLEY, LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST: First night was a cold one! There were about 12 spots in this camping area, but you felt like you were all alone. We set up the tent (well Bruce did, the wouldn’t allow me to help) made some dinner on the grill and hung out around the fire! We woke up to SNOW. Not necessarily at our campsite, but when we drove to the top of the mountain it was COVERED in snow. We decided we wanted to just continue through the mountain range. We took that windy road all the way down, it landed us in Maricopa. A very small country town we probably won’t return to. We then decided to head on over to Carpinteria State beach for some “warmer” weather camping.

CARPINTERIA STATE BEACH: This place is PERFECT for a good time. 12 miles of open beach, and grass campgrounds. I had SO much fun just setting up our home base for the day. We pitched our tent underneath a huge shady tree and went for a walk along the railroad tracks. Dog’s aren’t allowed on the beach but we snuck Biggie up onto one the dunes for a few minutes. Just to see him play! IMG_8951IMG_8954When the clouds moved in, so did the rain. We realized we had about an hour before the rain came in! It’s 5 o’clock and rushing to make our dinner! Bruce made an amazing dinner of corn, steak, and chili on top of the fire pit!

We knew there was bad weather at home, our friends were warning us, but it didn’t make us want to come


home early. We were in it for the long haul, well however long the rain lasted which was only 45 minutes. While Bruce made dinner, I stood around taking pictures of course, and watching the amazing sunset with Biggie. We woke up the next morning, took another long walk and packed up. I made Bruce stop at the local bookstore because I had just finished my book, and then headed to Malibu! We were supposed to go home that day, Sunday, but since the next day was new years eve anyway and we didn’t have to work; we decided to head to another state park on the way home! Malibu here we come!

MALIBU CREEK STATE PARK: Now this place was a little difficult to find, but I’m sure if we had listened to our directions we would have found it…anyway. This is the state park were Planet of the Apes and M*A*S*H was filmed! AND it was not full at all! We were the only people around! IMG_8986

We got to the park, and once again we set up camp and headed out for a hike! This park has a lot of great trails, but since apparently dogs aren’t allowed on the trails we had to take a hike of our own! The forest was just a football field away from our tent so we headed up into the trees! Biggie was having a blast. This place was a lot cooler than the other two campgrounds we had been too, even Rose Valley. We were deep in a valley surrounded the mountain range. It was a good night to end our trip on. We talked around the campfire, played fetch with Biggie and just waited for our fire to burn out. We got in our tent and realized this was the COLDEST night we had so far! I wore two pairs of pants, 3 pairs of socks, 2 shirts and a sweatshirt to bed! Along with mittens! We woke up the next morning with frost IN the tent! IMG_9040All in all, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to see where we go next. With plans to go to more places and explore more of the coast, I’m sure we will have some more adventures coming up! IMG_8988


First Week of November…


During the first week of November, we said BYE BYE to the ever popular Crown Victoria and said HELLLOOO to a 1987 toyota pick up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a beat up old truck as much as the next girl. But if Brucey Boy was getting him truck…I made him drive it straight to Santa Ana so I could pick up my new favorite boy…Biggie!  A three month old black pug that has just taken over my world.

He is just SO calm and has such attitude…we get along perfect. Plus no one can say no to that face! So in the end of that weekend we both got what we wanted. A truck, and a pug. But we weren’t done yet. A few days after that we found a perfect little townhome in Costa Mesa to move into! We started moving in this past weekend, and I’m hoping to have everything done by tonight. I’ve had such great friends coming around and helping out: Malia, Skye, Maddie (check out her blog!). We ended up painting everything first! Well not everying, just bedrooms and bathrooms. Bruce wouldn’t wish anyone to paint the top trim of any room in a walking boot! We’re still garage sale searching and craigslisting all new funriture and fixtures. Quite an adventure! I can’t wait to get everything in it’s right place and actually be able to relax! But it is fun! Well, until you get to clothes. I always have too many clothes and NEVER enough space to put them anywhere. While we were unpacking everything Bruce throws away one of my dressers. He said “If you can’t fit all your clothes into these other two dressers we have a problem.” HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!  But really, the month of November so far has been really good to us and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

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