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List #10

This is list # 10. Out of 52 lists. From my journal of The 52 Lists Project, it’s a killer interactive book and journal that get’s you thinking about yourself. From the first week of your year, to the 52nd week.

And in natural Kelly fashion – I’m not going in order. I’m doing list #10 right now, because this is the list I need to complete at this moment in my life, in my week, in my day.


  • Anyone else’s Body Language – I read too much into it. Oh, they sighed loudly – they must be frustrated and stress and want me to know. I’ve learned to hate “sighing” because I don’t know what people mean when they sigh. What do I do? I asked someone a questions, shoulders shrugged – they must not care? or do they? You smiled when I asked you something – are you just trying got get me to stop asking questions? I know Dave does this ūüėČ
  • Reactions – I spend more time thinking about the reaction to any of my actions instead of just going for it. I think too much about what other people will think instead of concentrating on myself.
  • Time – Ignore time. Time lost. Time needed. Time past. Time until.
  • Concerns and feelings of people who are in no way shape or form involved, impacted or invested in or by my life. Strangers. I care about strangers.
  • Emails – after 6pm? I can get to them tomorrow…right? Maybe I’ll just take a peek…

It’s a short list. There is probably more. But after reading through…maybe these aren’t bad things…maybe I shouldn’t ignore them…



Motivation Monday

So I am starting something new and fresh. It’s called MOTIVATION MONDAY. Each week I’ll share something that motivates me, and I encourage others to do the same! It can be a person, event, quote or workout! Really anything! I want a set a goal each week and push my self to do it. Whether it’s a personal goal, mental goal or a fun goal! At least I’ll be working towards something each week to better myself in some way. #MotivationMonday

Motivation is defined as a reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.


This week I want to concentrate on concentrating and keeping organized. I’m so easily distracted, either by a text message from Malia, Facebook post…or worse INSTAGRAM! I need to put my phone in my drawer, put some headphones in a just concentrate on work here at NAC. Answer questions that need to be answered right away, but other than that Malia is going to have to wait! My desk is a mess…this week I need to just work on making sure everything has a home! I know it’s a weird thing to post about and make a goal out of…however it’s something that’s important to me and something I need to work on (just ask the other peeps in the NAC office).


Someone who¬†motivates me this week is my younger (yet way taller) sister Kasey. She’s 19 years old and playing volleyball in Hawaii at HPU. This past week she was named Pac West Athlete of the Week which is a very big honor!¬† Kasey has always been a big time volleyball player and works hard to get what she wants even though most of the time what she wants is to just sit on the couch and watch Duck Dynasty but really has to go to volleyball practice. ¬†Or play with our dog Ashton who is 2000+ miles away #SadFace. Fortunately when Kasey has away games…most of the time she has to fly over here! (you can only play some many teams in Oahu so many times). So tonight I’ll see her smash it up in Riverside (gotta love that in land traffic vibe!)

I won’t have a person that motivates me every week…just thought I would share the good news of an up and coming Thompson girls making headlines (for good reason of course).

Start your week off with¬†motivation. Pick something you need to work on and put effort towards it. No one is perfect and it’s such a great feeling at the end of the week to know that you accomplished something.



Early walk at Newport Pier! Get out there and do something FOR YOURSELF tomorrow!
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